Funding of TCKI

Dear Moms and Dads,

The TCK program needs your help!

Since 1972, TCKI has worked to serve the fellowship family by equipping TCKs for service, engaging them in a community of other TCKs and enabling families to do the work to which the Father has called them.  We are honored to serve over 1400 TCKs worldwide from birth through 23-years old.

The program is funded entirely through the fellowship.  But the $10/month deducted monthly from your account supports only one TCK benefit allowing TCKs to take a return trip to the field after college.  It does not support the TCK program as a whole. 

In fact, a large portion of our budget comes through personnel who see value in supporting TCK Office and are willing to support the program from their own work or personal accounts. 

And we need you!  If you are willing to partner with TCKI in assisting your TCKs, please email the TCK Office.

Thank you in advance for your part in supporting families and TCKs !