TCKs, I'm so excited to officially join the TCKI team! My new role means that I get to be a missionary to YOU! I am the Pastoral Care provider, meaning I will help with TCK mentoriing and discipleship, leading TCK Task Forces, assisting new TCKs who are going overseas for the first time, as well as TCKs returning to the U.S. for college.  I'm here to be a friend and sister any time you need it.

I became an TCK when I was nine and moved to South Africa on my 11th birthday. I lived there with my family until I was 19, returning to the states to attend university in Springfield, Missouri, where I earned a BA in Communications.  I worked for several years as a chief during the Summer Program and also worked in the TCK Office sending you all birthday cards and gifts.

I was later appointed as an international worker and moved to Wales, U.K., where I spent three years helping plant a gathering and leading a student group. I saw firsthand how being an adult TCK in missions brought its own unique joys and challenges, but I wouldn't have traded any of it.  I also rekindled my love for drinking tea, watching rugby, and adoring the Royal family.

I'm now back in the TCK Office and working on my MS in Human Services Counseling through a university in Texas.  You should know that, if you are one or 22, I will refer to you as an TCK baby with all the love in my heart.