Chad and Dargan

Chad and Dargan

Chad was raised in a warm, loving home. He spent the majority of his life in Africa and Holland. Chad's grandfather was the first worker to Nigeria, in 1939. Chad started his TCK experience in 1960 when his parents went to Africa. He was only 4 months old! In 1976 the Father redirected his family from Africa to Europe. In 1985, during Chad's junior year of high school, his father passed away. Chad's mother continued working overseas for another 15 years in Singapore.

After graduating high school from The American School of The Hague, Chad went to college in Minneapolis, MN. It was during his college years that Chad met his beautiful bride, Dargan.

Dargan comes from a military home. Her father spent twenty two years in the United States Air Force. Because of his military position, Dargan moved frequently as she was growing up. Following college, Chad and Dargan were married and served as youth staff at a strong fellowship in Colorado. After 3 years in Colorado, the Father directed them to work in Brussels, Belgium. They served the youth of Europe from 1994 to 2004 when they assumed the leadership of Third Culture Kids International (TCKI).



Katherine was born in Brussels, Belgium. She is our little Brussels Sprout! She was enrolled in a Belgian, French-speaking school; then attended a believing international school; was homeschooled; and is currently in an American public school. She has experienced them all! She loves her TCK experience, and loves being around other TCKs. Her favorite time of year is summer, when she gets to be with hundreds of other TCKs.


Graham was born in Raleigh North Carolina while we were on home-leave. He loves sports, and plays on several sports teams throughout the year. In 2009 Graham played on his first official soccer team, scoring 3 goals in his first game! He enjoys playing basketball, and collecting NBA basketball cards. He also loves being a TCK!